Hanover Savings Bank
Hanover, Germany
Solution Required
Automated safe deposit lockers
Product Used
Gunnebo SafeStore Auto

Optimisation of Back-Office Workflows

"SafeStore Auto will eventually replace all our traditional deposit locker systems"

After the merger of its city and rural banks in 2003, Hanover Savings Bank looked closely at all areas of its offering. At the time it had a total of 48,000 safe deposit lockers (SDLs) with 28,000 customers. This convinced the bank to actively develop this sector of its business and gradually update its traditional SDL systems.

Since every bank had previously made its own decisions on what type of SDL system to offer, Hanover Savings Bank now had an extremely diverse SDL landscape using many different technologies and offering no or very low transparency.

There was no standardised process for back-office SDL workflows and many branches were tying up staff time due to employee-operated SDL equipment. 

Karl-Heinz Mensing, Deputy Organising Manager at Hanover Savings Bank, summarised the challenge ahead: "The business is already there – we have to develop it by optimising processes and offering a better service to the customer."

Hanover Savings Bank took a central decision to gradually replace its traditional SDLs and make SafeStore Auto the standard self-service offering across all branches.

Of its 98 SDL systems, 55 were tranformed into SafeStore Auto solutions which meant 17,000 out of the bank's 48,000 safe deposit lockers became SafeStore Auto lockers.

In each case, SafeControl software was installed to make customer management much easier for staff and to provide head office with a much clearer overview of performance and utilisation rates.

At every one of the branches that own the SafeStore Auto technology, staff involvement reduced from around 20% to almost 0%. The employees do not have to guide or monitor the customers anymore. The bank has also benefited from the optimisation of back-office workflows.

Thanks to SafeControl, standardised data on all SafeStore Auto machines can be collected for rental contract archiving, financial analysis and internal auditing. With the monitoring function of SafeControl, issues are automatically reported centrally. This ensures that SafeStore Auto maintains an extremely high rate of availability.

Furthermore, utilisation rates for SafeStore Auto are much higher than for the traditional SDL systems, particularly in areas with predominantly business customers, where rates have reached over 80%. With the new SafeStore Auto, the clientele using this kind of service has also changed, to include people who want more frequent access their box. The bank was also able to acquire some new customers thanks to this service.

SafeStore Auto also provided another big benefit to the bank: flexibility of installation. Not only could SafeStore Auto be installed in refurbished or newly built branches, but moving machines from one branch to another was not a problem either. The right size of machine with the right security level could always be installed. In addition, a SafeStore Auto installation needs around 55–60% of the floor space that a comparable traditional SDL system needs, which saved the bank money, especially in expensive city locations.