Hilton Hotels
Hilton Zürich Airport, Switzerland
Solution Required
Automated cash recycling
Product Used
Gunnebo SafeRecycling RS6_CR5

Cash Handling Costs Reduced to a Minimum

"Gunnebo not only delivered cost savings, but also great service"


Hilton is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing hospitality companies with 14 brands in 106 countries and over 5,300 hotels worldwide.

When Conrad Hilton opened the first hotel to bear the Hilton name in 1925, he aimed to operate the best hotel in Texas. As a result of his commitment, leadership, and innovation, today Hilton is one of the most respected brands in the world.

Hilton Switzerland

Hilton has two big hotels in Switzerland – Hilton Zürich Airport and Hilton Garden Inn Davos.

The Hilton Zürich Airport is situated five minutes from Zürich International Airport and 15 minutes from the city centre.


Hilton Zürich Airport was looking to optimise its cash management processes. Since 80% of payments are made by credit card, the cost of handling cash had become too large for the hotel.


The Gunnebo SafeRecycling RS6_CR5 has streamlined cash handling and simplified processes for staff. Cash is now recycled and thanks to the optimisation of CIT pick-up routines, costs have been reduced.

The introduction of the Retail Station has also removed the need for a full-time cash handling position, which was crucial to securing a strong return on investment. Through automated processes, the expenses related to cash handling have been reduced to a minimum.

One important aspect of the Gunnebo solution has been the service – which in this case has led to a high level of customer satisfaction. For this type of recycling unit, a dedicated technician is automatically assigned to installation for one week. In this way, any issues or questions can be dealt with on the spot, allowing the customer to get to know the machine and overcome any teething problems.